The V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette
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V2 NoteBook CigThe V2 Notebook Cig should be thought of as the world champion of all vapor cigarettes.

You know how a drill you plug into a wall makes a battery operated drill seem like a child’s toy? Try the V2 Notebook Cig and experience the same difference! It’s hard to even compare it to a non-corded electric cigarette. The vapor produced by this smoke stack is astounding.

As pictured above, the V2 Notebook Cig has a USB cord permanently attached to it. It can be used anywhere you have a USB power source, or anywhere you have an electric socket if you have the USB adapter.

This particular unit is manually operated. You’ll have to push a small button on the side to activate the atomizer and draw smoke. Each and every pull will be filled with smooth, consistent vapor.

Keep in mind, the cord on the Notebook Cig is only 4 foot, 3 inches. If you need to have a little more roaming capability, you might opt for the V2 Power Cig. If you don’t mind the shorter cord, the V2 Notebook Cig will be your best friend.

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