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V2 Metal Carry Case XL

Posted by Mark C on October 21st, 2012 0 Comment

V2 Metal Carry Case XLV2 has introduced a new series of metal carry cases which are sure to catch the attention of electronic cigarette lovers across the four corners of the world! V2 has designed these new cases specifically with your convenience in mind. These new carry cases are sporty, lightweight, and, best of all: extremely portable! The cases themselves come in three new varieties: the standard sized V2 Carry Case, Carry Case XL, and Carry Case XL White.

The V2 Metal Carry Case XL is the largest size of carry case which is currently available. It comes in your choice of graphite, stainless steel, or glossy white. The new V2 Metal Carry Case is made of stainless steel, and has been perfectly designed and engineered to fit all of the different lengths of V2 batteries. The Carry Case XL is so named because it is a bit bigger than the standard variety carry case, coming in at a length of 5.24 inches (133mm), a depth of 0.70 in (18mm), and a width of 2.52 in(64mm).

The case itself is, as V2 itself proclaims, “sleek, light, and easy to carry”. We took it with us on a recent flight from Buffalo to Chicago, and had no trouble fitting the entire unit into our flight bag. It was so light and sleek looking that, when my friend fished it out of her purse for a quick check up, the passenger next to her complimented her on her smartly fashionable lipstick case!

Once you order the case and receive it in the mail, all you need to do to test it out for yourself is slide the cover open. You’ll quickly note that there is ample space for 2 batteries, as well as for 3 of V2’s world famous flavor cartridges. Of course, you needn’t insert the cartridges in there if you prefer to keep them separate. In that case, you’ll have plenty of room to include 3 more batteries in the case, for a total of 5. Once you’ve added whatever items you wish to include, just slide the case back, and all of your gear is amply protected and ready to travel with you to your next destination!

As noted above, we took the V2 Metal Carry Case XL with us on a recent flight from Buffalo to Chicago, and were simply amazed at the convenience and portability of the unit. While electronic cigarette smoking is still banned on airline flights, we were at least able to get a feel for the case’s durability, as well as its ability to keep all of our V2 gear safely stored and fresh.

As a result, we have absolutely no qualms in recommending the V2 Metal Carry Case XL to the general public. It’s a handy, stylish, device that will store all of your V2 items in one handy, easily portable, location. And since that’s exactly what V2 says it will do, we say that they’ve got yet another winner on their hands. The V2 carry case should be on all holiday gift lists for those of you who revel in electronic cigarette smoking pleasure!

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