The V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette
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V2 Platinum E LiquidYes, that’s right, V2 Cigs has finally made available their highly touted, proprietary E Liquid!

Not only does V2 Cigs offer the highest value in e cig starter kits, but now you can save even more money by filling your own cartridges.

When one of your cartridges runs out, just fill it back up with your V2 E liquid. It’s that simple.

V2 E Liquid ends up saving quite a bit of money in the end. It cost’s less than $1 to refill your cartridge with the e liquid. A five pack of V2 Cartridges costs around $13, which ends up being about $2.60 per cartridge. Using V2 E Liquid saves about $1.60 per cartridge! That’s huge!

Get V2 E Liquid!

Don’t worry about having difficulty refilling your cartridges; there is a dropper built into the lid of the e liquid bottle. If you’re using the V2 E Liquid often and in a hurry, you might consider using the V2 Drip Tips. They’re built specifically for making the refilling process extremely easy.

V2 E Liquid Coupon

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If you’re the connoisseur of electronic cigarettes, then V2 E Liquid truly is going to be your best friend. It allows you quick, cheap variety, as well as the thickest, most flavorful vapor in the industry.

One thing to watch out for… don’t use the same cartridge too many times. Refilling it about 5 times should be plenty. Eventually you might start to notice a decrease in flavor if you re-use the same cartridge too many times. By refilling it 5 or so times, you’re sure to get more than your money’s worth.

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