The V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette
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V2 Cigs Universal AdapterBought a different type of e cig and wonder what you’re missing out on with V2?

Well guess what… V2 Cigs is so confident in their product, they’ve given you the option to use their flavor cartridges with several other brands of e cig batteries!

Most e cig companies design their battery/cartridge combo to be different than any other brand. That way you have to keep coming back to them for more cartridges. Not a bad idea right?

Well too bad, V2 Cigs changed the rules. With the V2 Cigs Universal Adapter, you can use delicious V2 flavor cartridges with many other brands.

What brands does the V2 Cigs Universal Adapter work with?

  • Smoke 51 DUO™
  • GreenSmoke™
  • South Beach Smoke™
  • Red Dragon™
  • Bloog™
  • E-Cigs E-9™
  • Vapures™
  • Esmoke Sensation™
  • LeCig™

and they’re already compatible with

  • White Cloud™
  • SmokeTip™
  • and Vapor4life™

Keep in mind, since you aren’t using the V2 battery with the V2 Cigs Universal Adapter, the quality of the vapor might not be on par with V2 batteries. Either way, V2 is confident that after tasting the V2 flavor, you’ll convert to V2 completely and buy a V2 Starter Kit. So get your V2 Cigs Universal Adapter asap and start enjoying the flavor of V2!

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