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 11 reviews
by Alice Council on V2 Cigs Review

I was diagnosed with Cancer May of 2005 and have been fighting it since. I have tried EVERYTHING out there to help me quit, to no avail. I have been smoking for over 30 years. I tried every e-cig out there and was just not satisfied. I found the V2 and I was immediately hooked. Haven't smoked since my last surgery for cancer in which was July 16th of 2014. I just don't know how to say 'THANK YOU."

by dale feser on V2 Cigs Review
I quit

I allways wanted to quit smoking so tried v2.After a few months I desided to stop smoking. I knew this v2 cig was for me. Lots flavors and nicotine levels if you want or don't want nicotine.

by Evie Hadlock on V2 Cigs Review
Total Miracle

About the review title, I'm serious. I tried two e cigs in the analog style and they didn't live up to their self professed rating of 'rated number ONE' whom? Blu came out and I tried my sister's and I was stunned . They have tv time and the product is not any better than what I'd tried and I went to an entirely different system.

I battled pneumonia for three months and I had to do something. I opted to vape . Day one I stopped cigarettes. I've not missed it. My husband is a chain smoker and simply didn't like e cigs and is stubborn. I begged him one more time 'if you will try this one, I'll never ask you to try another' was a Red V2, 6mg and he took a puff and no cough. He took another and said 'these taste like marlboros but smoother. Thats pretty good!' but he didn't commit.

After a day or so he finally said 'hey, you know that e cig you had me try? Would you order a set for me?"......YAHOOOOOOOOO!

He was satisfied with a 6 mg RED vs a full flavor cigarette! A chain smoker with COPD decides to change....if you knew him you'd get what a big deal this was.

In closing , my final miracle was seeing my Pulmonary Specialist who said not so much as a wheeze was in my lungs and he knew I mentioned e cigs and asked me if I had one . OF COURSE I DID. I took it from my purse and he asked me to show him how it worked and I showed up and I puffed it and it was zero nic which really caught his attention and said 'if you can get some cards for me , perhaps my patients who need the ritual of smoking or a lesser damaging smoke, I'll tell them what I found. For me thats a triple play. I do not need oxygen in the day , I do have serious sleep apnea and the vaping didn't harm me at all. He said had I not quit smoking when I did this could have turned out really bad. It didn't. Thanks V2. you actually changed my husbands mind and that my friends is NEVER easy and rarely accomplished.

by moishe on V2 Cigs Review
im one happy smoker right now;)

the v2ciggs changed my life!!! i went to visit a friend he used to smoke atleast 2packs a day. and when i saw him smoking v2ciggs i ask him to let me try it. i got hooked on it right away. they great!! got me one and my girlfriend!! now im back running track.. happy to got rid of the nasty smelly ciggs i use to smoke, THANK YOUU V2CIGGS U CHANGED MY LIFE FOR REAL!!!

by Matthew Crawford on V2 Cigs Review
v2 saves lives


by Angie A. on V2 Cigs Review

My experience with v2 has been a life changer. I love the fact that my home no longer stinks and I don't have to worry about forgetting a lit cig in an ashtray somewhere. The best thing is being an avid fisherman, I was always having to deal with a lit cig and burning my hair or knocking off the cherry in my boat. Now I can puff on my v2 and slip it in my pocket! Thank you v2!

by Mary on V2 Cigs Review
~Newports Ex-Gf~

Since I can remember I would only smoke Newports. Very picky. Until last year 2011 I found myself unable to breath everyday all day. I smoked way too much. I stumbled across a white cloud kiosk at the mall but they wanted $300.00 for a basic kit and their menthol was gross. My fiance started buying me all these disposable e-cigs (safe cig, blu, N-Joy) and they were all too expensive, gross and didnt last near 1 pack. So I decided to look online. I was looking for 'THE BEST'. I looked and read reviews until I found V2 Cigs. I saw the couples kit and all the great reviews and great ingredients in the menthol e-liquid I jumped on ordering. I ordered that night. And I have to say not only does V2 menthol taste as good it taste way better. It's pure menthol and nicotine. I dont taste chemicals. I cant even smoke a Newport anymore. Honest to god. Oh and after only 4 months I am breathing perfect again. No morr attacks. I am going to live longer. I also converted my fiance and father. My fiance isnt picky but he loves V2. And he tried White Cloud and their expensive cartridges arent good. They taste like expired peppermint. Thank-you for being the only good e-cig company. If not for you I would still be addicted to Newports. I cant say ty enough for me and my loved ones. I am forever a V2 Vaporer. 😉

by Megan M. Long on V2 Cigs Review
Love em!!

I've tried a couple e-ciggs and so far V2 is the best! When I had a charger stop working, they replaced it immedieatly. i love the vareity of flavors, though Red is my favorite, and that it comes in different stregnths. Last time I ordered though, I could not buy nicotine drops from V2 but they might have added that product by now. Easy to use, and I haven't had an actual cancer stick in over 40 days!!!

by Howard Boyer on V2 Cigs Review
V2 Cigs

Outstanding Product. I don't have to go outside to have a smoke with my coffee in the morning. When I am driving a vehicle I can reach into my shirt pocket take a few puffs and put it back into my pocket. That is a lot safer than using smoking the old way.
Thanks a lot V2 for a safer product.

by angelia hall on V2 Cigs Review
saved my life

V2 has saved my life in more ways than one. There was a spot found on my lungs 11 months ago, I started using v2 6 months ago and have found that I'm able to breath much better and the last test showed the spot on my lungs is now as big as it was at first. Thank You... the other thing is that I have to take medication at night and sometimes I would wake up and lite a cigg then fall back to sleep and burn myself or the bed, this was really frightening but with my V2s I don't have to worrie,.. thank you so much V2 has changed my life and I love them they are wonderful in every way.

by Jessy on V2 Cigs Review

I bought V2 standard kits for each of my parents last Christmas. Each of them have been smoking since their teens. They both still use their V2 Cigs! My mom smokes only V2 cigs and my dad occasionally will have a cigar, but most of his nicotine comes from V2 Cigs. I guess you could say I gave my parents an extension on their life last Christmas! I don't smoke, but I'm going to get my self a starter kit with the cartridges with no nicotine very soon.

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