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V2 Cigs Memorial Day Sale – 1 Day Only!

Posted by Daniel B on May 25th, 2012 0 Comment

V2 Cigs Memorial Day Sale!

You knew they were going to do it, so here it is!

Do Not Miss This Sale!

That’s right…

20% off all V2 Cigs starter kits, flavor cartridges, platinum e-liquid, V2 Disposables, accessories and clearance items.

Now that we’re on the topic, what are you guys doing the memorial day? Going to a parade? Going to spend the day on Chatfield Reservoir with friends and family? That’s what I’m doing. Well, that and…

I’m stocking up on V2! I do it during every holiday sale.

V2 Cigs Sales – Best Practices

After participating in several V2 Cigs sales (20% is the largest discount I’ve ever seen, by the way), I’ve figured out how to make my money go far. Here’s how it works…

I already have the V2 Ultimate kit, so there’s really no reason for me to buy a starter kit. Unless, of course, I want to be a nice guy and buy a kit for friends or family.

Instead, I buy an 80-pack of flavor cartridges. It’s really just 4×20 packs, so you can pick 4 different flavors and strengths. You might be able to grab other flavors by mentioning you’d prefer others in the comments, however I’ve never tried it myself. You know as well as I do, V2 Cigs customer service is amazing, so give it a shot.

Next, I head over to the disposables and throw a 20 pack of menthol into my shopping cart. I love these things. They’re excellent for convenience. I take them with me whenever I’m going out and don’t want to take a bunch of bulky equipment. I just grab a disposable and go. Throw it away at the end of the night and you’re good to go.

Finally, I head over to the Clearance section. There are always amazing deals over in the clearance section to begin with. Discount everything 20% more (yes, the sale DOES apply to clearance), and you’re basically stealing from V2 Cigs.


You can pile on a V2 Cigs Coupon and take even more money off your shopping cart! Yes, the discounts are stackable!

Use V2 Cigs coupon code MYELECTRICCIGARETTE15 for an additional 15% off all starter kits, or use MYELECTRICCIGARETTE for an additional 10% off everything else.

Let me give you an example of the savings you can take advantage of on Memorial Day, 5/28/2012. If you go over to the clearance section, you’ll find the old, 2011 version V2 Standard kit. It regularly sells for $79.95 and is on sale in clearance for $64.95. Now, take 20% off of that for the V2 Cigs Memorial Day sale bringing your subtotal down to $51.96. Now, even though this is a starter kit, you can’t use the 15% discount coupon since it’s an old model (and it’s in clearance). But you can still use the 10% off coupon. So use coupon code MYELECTRICCIGARETTE for an additional 10% off, bringing the subtotal all the way down to $46.77.

You can get into a brand new (old model) V2 Standard kit for less than $47. That’s a deal!

Again, DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS SALE. And most of all…

Happy Memorial Day!

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