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V2 Cigs #1 Electronic Cigarette – Why?

Posted by Daniel B on March 24th, 2012 0 Comment

V2 Cigs has been America’s favorite electronic cigarette since July of last year. What did they do to make it to the top and what in the world have they done to stay there?

You must have noticed by now, there are HUNDREDS, if not thousands of electronic cigarette companies, with new ones pouring in every day.

V2 Cigs must have done something to stand out from the herd, but what?

V2 Cigs #1 Electronic Cigarette!

I’ll leave the most appreciable aspect for last.

Unrivaled Quality

Let’s start with the V2 product line. Consider the customer who is looking to an electronic cigarette to satisfy his or her nicotine craving. Don’t you think it would be important for an E Cig to actually offer the same level of satisfaction as a tobacco cigarette?

Most electronic cigarette manufacturers find it very difficult to simulate an authentic nicotine experience. What’s more, most electronic cigarette companies buy their products from the same few manufacturers. Can you see where this might cause a problem?

V2 Cigs has offered the most authentic nicotine solution from day one; an impressive task for a start-up company considering it doesn’t save money to build the highest quality product from the get-go.

3 Steps Ahead of the Market – Innovation

Because of V2’s early success, the company was able to spend market research dollars in order to build what what user wants. V2 has always been on the forefront of the new, booming e cigarette technology market.

The company understands the the worst business plan is the one that ends at

  • “Achieve high level of success… STOP”

After building the industry’s best product and making it the most popular back in July of last year, the ball was already rolling on how to create an even better product.

Since then they’ve introduced many new features, accessories, and flavors to the mix. Not to mention, they’ve built an entire new brand of electronic cigarette!

Vapor CoutureHave you heard of Vapor Couture? Probably not. V2 has been working diligently on this new line of electronic cigarettes specifically designed for the fashionable. You’ll be hearing much more about this line in the near future.

As promised, the best for last…

Best Friend Customer Support

What’s more important to a company that its customers? Without a customer, you have no company.

Throughout design, development, and testing, V2 Cigs has had you, the customer, at the very top of the “Important” list.

Sure, they offer all the typical pluses like a 30 day money back guarantee, live chat, etc. But there are some other aspects to the customer support team that set V2 Cigs aside as a true leader.

For one, Every Starter kit comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! How many other products in the world come with a lifetime warranty? You know you’re buying a strong product when they will replace it for the rest of your life.

Most importantly, V2 Cigs treats customers like best friends. Each and every customer receives the individual support they deserve. You don’t get a cookie cutter response from V2 Cigs.

While most e cig companies are only concerned with the initial sale, V2 Cigs understands the importance of retaining a customer for life. That’s how you build a business.

In it for the Long Haul

V2 Cigs will only continue to grow in the coming years. You will always be able to count on V2 for the best vaping product money can buy, as well as state of the art customer service.

Watch out for the next hot item from V2, it’s right around the corner!

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