The V2 Cigs Electronic Cigarette
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V2 CartridgesWith the addition of V2 Cola, their newest flavor, V2 Cigs has one of the widest selections of flavors of any e cig company.

Most of the V2 Starter Kits (except for special editions) allow you to chose from 10 enticing flavors!

Since the V2 electronic cigarette is a 2 piece design, changing flavors is as simple as screwing off one cartridge and screwing on another.

One fantastic, usually un-thought of, benefit of this design is you will not experience flavor pollution. With many e cigs, when you change flavors you’ll still taste some of the last flavor you had in. Not with V2. No Chance.

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V2 Cigs - new Congress and Cherry flavors

Here’s a long list of the delicious flavors currently available:

  • V2 Red which is going to taste the most like traditional tobacco cigarettes
  • V2 Congress is very similar to Parliament cigarettes (and one of the top three selling flavors!)
  • V2 Sahara gives a very rich middle-eastern tobacco flavor
  • V2 Menthol is a mixture of cool mint and peppermint (another one of the top three!)
  • V2 Peppermint tastes mostly of peppermint and sugar with a tad of spearmint
  • V2 Coffee Flavor is your morning’s dose of a rich blend of coffee, milk and sugar
  • V2 Vanilla Flavor which is the most popular flavor
  • V2 Cherry Flavor speaks for itself
  • V2 Cola is the newest flavor

V2 Cigs

Keep watching for the release of two more flavors: Banana Blast and Island Coconut!

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