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The New V2 Cigs – It’s Finally Here!

Posted by Daniel B on April 16th, 2012 0 Comment

That’s right! The day we’ve all been waiting for… New V2 Cigs day!

“So what’s new?”

First and foremost, it would be reckless of me not to tell you about the 10% Off For 10 Days Sale!

New V2 Cigs Sale!

This sale is the longest sale V2 has ever run (that I can recall). That doesn’t mean you should wait until the very end to take advantage of it. There are quite a few items which will sell out! I’ll talk more about that later on

For the Painfully Obvious…

Have you visited V2 Cigs yet?! The entire website has had a major overhaul! Check it out…

New V2 Cigs Website

The new design is AWESOME! It truly is the most user friendly electronic cigarette website around. And it’s certainly not all about the looks; what’s inside count too. They’ve made the ordering/re-ordering process so easy you could do it with your eyes closed in the middle of your press speech on your cell phone and no one would be the wiser.

Take a starter kit for example. You essentially build the entire thing yourself! Pick the “general package” that looks right to you, then get to customizing. First you pick your battery; color first, then length, then manual or auto option. Next you pick your cartridges; pick out of 10 flavors and 4 strengths. Next comes your accessory choices, if your starter kit comes with customizable accessories.

“Sweet, What Else?”

Well, you may have noticed with some of the older starter kits that when they were shipped to you, some of the items didn’t fit into the packaging. It looked a little disorganized to be completely honest. Gone are those days! Now you’ll find all your cartridges in one, neat package.

“So how does this make a difference for me?” Well, if you’re a little OCD like myself, it makes all the difference in the world! Assuming you’re not, think about giving V2 Cigs as a gift… I gifted with V2 Cigs twice last year and I’ll tell you what, it will be sooo much easier to wrap with the new packaging! Plus, it just looks nicer in general, what can you say bad about that?

Attention E Liquid Highbrow!

One of the biggest changes within V2 was made specifically for you! With all the controversy about what goes into your e liquid and how sanitary it is, wouldn’t it be nice if there were some tests done on your batch of e liquid. Even better, wouldn’t it be nice if you could get your hands on those test results for your own peace of mind?

V2 E Liquid batch numberNow you can! Every bottle of e liquid comes with a batch number printed on it, as does every cartridge box, disposable, or any other box with e liquid inside it. All you have to do is visit the batch testing page, enter your batch number along with your email address, and your free batch report will be emailed directly to you! How much easier could it be?

The report that shows up in your inbox will contain info on the uniformity of the ingredients between batches, the level of nicotine, as well as the confirmed absence of known contaminants. Pretty nifty V2.

Any New V2 Products?

As a matter of fact, YES! V2 Cigs actually came out with a few new AWESOME accessories!

V2 Cigs Express ChargerOne of my favorites of the new line up is the V2 Express Charger. It’s tiny, as you can see. What’s so cool about it? It charges your battery about twice as fast as the old charger! And, it brought about the possibility of V2’s newest starter kit, the V2 Express Kit. It’s the most inexpensive, rechargeable kit V2 offers. Check it out.

Another accessory they’ve designed addresses a pretty annoying problem for anyone whom enjoyed the V2 Long Cig. The old portable charging case wasn’t long enough to fit the V2 Long Cig, so you we’re able to enjoy the convenience of charging on the go. Problem solved! Try the New Portable Charging Case XL designed specifically for the V2 Long Cig! Not to mention, V2 also redesigned the carry cases and portable charging case altogether. They’re much more sleek and attractive with a slide open cover!

And for the new safety feature… the Smart Charger! Now the chargers come with a smart chip which prevents overcharging. It’s nice to feel safe 🙂

About the items that will sell out

V2 is selling off all of the old model products at AWESOME discounts! For example, the old V2 Standard it is marked down from $79.95 to $64.95. Take off $6.50 for the 10 day 10% off sale. Now take off another 10% with the coupon code MYELECTRICCIGARETTE. Now you can get an entire starter kit, the one that used the be the most popular kit, which usually sells for $79.95, all that for under $53! Hurry up though, these will only be around until the old stock sells out. These will go quick!

That’s a Lot, but is That All?

Nope! V2 introduced a few other exciting features, but I’ll let you discover those for yourself. Have a look around the new site. Get acquainted. Return often!

After you’ve had a chance to look around, please, share your thoughts, favorites, and discoveries with everyone below!

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