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Should You Use Manual Or Automatic Batteries?

Posted by Daniel B on August 8th, 2013 0 Comment

A Powerful Choice To Make

V2 Cigs manual vs automatic batteryWhen it comes to enjoying modern 21st century smoking satisfaction, you have a powerful choice to make. Should you choose an electronic cigarette that comes equipped with manual or automatic batteries? Before you make a decision off the top of your head just to get it over with, there are a few things you should consider. Reading this article should help you get up to speed on the facts of the case, so that you can reach an informed decision as to which way you’d like to go.

Were you aware of just what the differences are between manual and automatic batteries? If not, here you go: it’s a small button! To back up just a bit, you should already be aware that most types of electronic cigarette operate in the same basic fashion. They make use a of a battery which super heats flavored electronic liquid (E-liquid). This super heating process heats up the liquid into a smoky vapor, which is then inhaled by the user.

What’s The Button All About?

If you look at your manual battery powered e-cig, you’ll notice a small button there. What’s this button all about, and why is it there? The reason is simple and ingenious. Manual battery powered e-cigs feature this button because it activates the production of vapor, thus controlling how much is produced and inhaled by the user. So now that you why the button is there, does it make a difference as to what type of battery you should prefer?

The answer depends on what you’re truly looking for in a electronic cigarette. Manual operated e-cig units will typically be the choice of a more experienced e-cig lover. This is because manually operated e-cigs are able to provide more control over the size and quality of the e-liquid vapor that is produced. If you enjoy a rich, thick vapor experience, and enjoy having control over the amount and thickness of that vapor, then you’re most likely going to want to go with a manual battery operated device.

It’s the same thing with cars, really. If you love a fast sports car, and are fond of the sensation of going form 0 to 90 in the space of a few seconds, you’re going to want a manual transmission. The button on a manual battery powered e-cig is just like the “stick shift” in a sports car. When you use a manual battery powered e-cig, you don’t have to prime it. You just use the button to control how much e-liquid you need to vape with.

Of course, there’s one drawback involved. The more you operate your manual battery powered e-cig, the shorter the life of that battery is going to be. If you’re an e-cig lover on a budget, you may need to be quite judicious with just how much vapor you inhale at each session.

Automatic For The Masses

Some people will prefer e-cig units that operate on automatic, rather than manual, batteries. An electronic cigarette that operates with automatic batteries will not feature a button unit, since there’s simply no need for it. Automatic batteries tend to more closely mimic the action of a traditional, tobacco filled, cigarette. They work automatically (hence their name). You simply inhale when the e-liquid is super charged. Since there is no button that controls the amount of vapor produced, automatic units will require that you prime them before using. To do this, simply take several short, sharp, shallow puffs on your e-cig unit before you make your traditional inhale.

Automatic units are especially recommended for new e-cig users who need time to get familiarized with the electronic cigarette smoking experience. Once you do, you can make the move to a manually operated unit. That’s the best thing about the modern 21st century e-cig experience: the freedom to choose and experiment!

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