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Laws Against Buying E Cigs Online?

Posted by Mark C on May 9th, 2012 0 Comment

Everyone knows the risks which have been long associated with smoking. Lung cancer, throat cancer, tongue (!) cancer, COPD, heart attack, and lots of other scary side effects and medical nightmares which the medical industry assures us are just biding their time, lurking in the dark shadows of the near future, to pounce on us and destroy us should we be so foolish as to smoke another cigarette.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the new breed of water vapor driven, “electronic cigarettes”, it seems the generals of the health industry are, as all generals tend to do, starting out a new war by continuing to fight the last one.

Need proof? Look at what our self-appointed guardians of public safety and health are up to in Vermont. In the dear old New England bastion of liberal politics and preoccupation with the “public good”, electronic cigarettes are facing yet another round of legal challenges at the state level (and if such legislation manages to succeed at the state level, we all know where such measures are headed next!).

E Cig Ban Proposal in Vermont

Don't let them ban e cig purchases in Vermont. Who knows which state would be next?

In this particular round of unprecedented legal action, the state legislature of Vermont is considering passing a new bill which is aimed at completely eliminating the legality of all deliveries (both public and private), purchases, and resultant sales of all brands of E-cigarette that are currently on the market (and, of course, if this bill should pass, there would likely be additional bans on the manufacture and sale of any future brands of electronic cigarettes as well!). In this current legislation, there is embedded a stiff round of mandatory, fully state enforced, penalties for the violation of these prospective new laws.

These possible penalties include (but presumably are not limited to) up to 5 years of imprisonment. This means that any violation of these new laws would be most definitely considered a felony, rather than a misdemeanor (a criminal violation which is punishable by up to only 1 year in prison). In addition to imprisonment, there would be fines of $5,000 (criminal) and $5000 (civil).

One could only imagine the impact this new prospective legislation would have, not only on manufacturers and retailers of electronic cigarettes, but on their potential buyers as well. Can you imagine the possibility of being fined $10,000, and sent to prison for up to 5 years, merely for going online and purchasing electronic cigarettes?

It’s true that there would be a massive backlash against such foolhardy and wrong headed legislation, similar to that seen during the Prohibition era, but would it be enough to defeat and repeal such perfidious laws that pretend to protect and then enforce the “public good”?

As it stands, opponents of electronic cigarettes have not managed to convince their respective state and federal legislatures to enact such crippling bans. But, who knows what could happen in the future? Users of electronic cigarettes need to be aware of such possible new ban laws, which may be taking shape in their own local region. Keep your eyes peeled, and be ready to protest if the opportunity should arise!

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