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How To Increase Your E-Cig’s Battery Life

Posted by Mark C on June 22nd, 2012 0 Comment

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Those of us who enjoy smoking electronic cigarettes know that the biggest pitfall involved in enjoying a refreshing water vapor smoke is powering up the cartomizer to vaporize the water when we’re ready to enjoy a quick, refreshing puff. If we hit the button and the battery is dead, there’ll be no smoke for us until we recharge it! Obviously, vigilance is the key here. Keeping the batteries fresh and ready to do their job is of paramount concern. It’s a lesson most of us only need to learn once before it sinks in for good! So, let’s look a few quick and easy ways we can keep our e-cig batteries fresh and ever ready to serve us. We think you’ll agree that conservation is the best policy!

For one thing, the lithium-ion battery that most e-cig cartomizers use is one that’s designed to be used regularly -meaning, many times a day. So, do just that! Use it often, because the more they perform their duty, the quicker and easier the power flows through their cells. It’s like daily exercise – you need to keep at it with regularity, and not take long breaks in between. Use it a few times daily, then give it ample time to recharge itself. This will ultimately prolong the life of your battery, and save you quite a bit of hard earned cash.

Another thing to remember is that you need to keep your battery away from heat. Batteries can explode if exposed to the sun too long, and you certainly don’t want your cartomizer blowing up right in your face (remember this article?)! And, likewise, keep it away from water as well. Nothing corrodes a battery faster than exposure to water. When you’re not using your e-cig cartomizer, keep it in a safe, dry, place, such as your desk drawer. Keep it out of the elements, well protected, and it will serve faithfully with no glitches for a long time to come.

Remember also to keep your battery fully charged. Don’t wait until the power is completely drained out of it before you finally pull the plug. Waiting until this happens is a really good way to shorten the life of your battery. Rather than kill your battery stone dead months before its natural time, why not simply switch to a backup battery when you feel your present one getting a little bit weak? This way, you’ll start anew with a fresh, brand new battery with plenty of life, while your old battery gets a chance to breathe a little and recharge itself for a new round of use? Get hold of a few batteries, and rotate them. Adopting this simple technique is another great way to save money on batteries.

Of course, these are only a few of the many ways in which you can prolong the life of your electronic cigarette battery unit. There are plenty of others, so feel to experiment until you find the precise method that works best for you. Good luck, and happy e-cig smoking!

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