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Excellent News For E-cig Lovers In Laguna Beach

Posted by Daniel B on August 12th, 2013 0 Comment

Welcome Legislation On The Beach

laguna beach e cig legislationLovers of electronic cigarettes who currently dwell in the Laguna Beach area of Orange County in southern California have a victory to celebrate. During the evening of August 6, 2013, the city council of Laguna Beach voted to abstain from banning the use of electronic cigarettes. This is particularly welcome news for lovers of modern 21st century smoking satisfaction. When you live and vape in the great city of Laguna Beach, there is no need for you to feel like a second class citizen. As long as you use tact and common sense as to where and when you decide to vape, you can enjoy yourself without feeling self conscious or frowned upon. Freedom is a delicious sensation!

(The actual bill)

What The Council’s Decision Means To You

This decision by the City Council of Laguna Beach, California has set a new precedent which should be recognized all over the world for the major victory that it brings to lovers of electronic cigarette smoking pleasure. To quote the council’s agenda verbatim, they decided to meet concerning possible legislation for a ban on electronic cigarettes, in order “to make clear that electronic cigarettes are subject to regulations and prohibitions” (source). This could have been a decision which went drastically wrong for vapers all over the country. It could have introduced sweeping new legislation that made the use of electronic cigarettes completely illegal in all public places in the city.

Instead, as we know now, they decided to legislate on the side of good public order and simple common sense! In today’s heavily polarized political climate, this should be seen as a major milestone, far beyond the realm of electronic cigarettes. It was a simple decision not to legislate public morality and etiquette, and should be welcomed by lovers of freedom and free public expression all across the country. Whether this decision was “the right one” for all parties concerned is not the issue. The question of whether this new ordinance stands should be of primary concern to all lovers of freedom and Constitutional rights, whether or not they are lovers of electronic cigarettes.

What The Decision Ultimately Boils Down To

So what does this decision by the City Council of Laguna Beach ultimately boil down to? Perhaps the quickest summary can be given by quoting the words of one of the co-founders of the Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association (TVECA), Thomas Kiklas. At the council meeting, Kliklas stated, “With 4 million Americans using the e-cig with billions and billions of uses, you have substantial data to make the conclusion that electronic cigarettes are indeed vastly less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and governmental agencies should now embrace the technology as the one option for smokers to transition to away from the one product, tobacco cigarettes, we know kills over 450,000 Americans annually”.

What Lovers Of E-Cigs Can Take From This Decision

What can lovers of electronic cigarette smoking satisfaction take from the council’s brave decision? You should certainly rejoice at the prospect of being able to enjoy a refreshing electronic cigarette vaping sensation at nearly any location you care to indulge in (subject to common sense, of course). You can maybe even be a little more positive in your general opinions concerning the political climate of the country, and the opinions of your local legislators. Whenever private rights are infringed upon, it sets an ugly precedent for society. So the fact that common sense won a small but important victory in Laguna Beach is definitely cause for celebration. We can only hope that more and more community councils are able to recognize that times have changed, and that progress for private citizens is progress for all mankind.

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