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Can I Smoke my V2 Cigs on a Plane?

Posted by Daniel B on February 20th, 2012 0 Comment

Smoking on PlanesIt’s a question we get all the time. It makes sense.

Think about it. Some flights are 5 hours or more. You wouldn’t go without a nicotine fix for that long if you were on the ground would you? So why not get your nicotine fix in the air by some other method than smoking?

Sure, smoking isn’t allowed on planes. But what about vaping? There’s no risk of second hand smoke, no bad smell, no ashes to worry about.

Unfortunately, smoking any type of electronic cigarette or cigar is strictly prohibited on planes as well.

Why not?

At the moment, individual airlines are responsible for banning the smoking of e cigs inside planes, not the government. Each of them has their own reason, but the main reason is that it can cause confusion and concern amongst passengers. That is the last thing the flight crew wants in the middle of a flight.

You can, however, carry your V2 Cigs on to most flights. Keep them on you or in your carry on. That way if security has any concerns, they can ask you directly instead of confiscating them while you’re not around. Check with your airline before you bring them, but a the moment almost all airlines allow them on the plane. JUST DON’T SMOKE THEM.

Smoking an e cig on a plane can get you the same punishment as smoking a tobacco cigarette on a plane including large fines, imprisonment, and/or escorted off the plane (if it’s still on the ground).

The good news is most airports still allow you to smoke your e cigs inside the airport. TSA doesn’t have any policy banning the use of electronic cigarettes inside airports at the moment.

Moral of the story: get your V2 fix before the plane departs, while your still in the airport. You should be able to use it again once you’ve landed and are back in the airport. If you try to use it while you’re on the plane, you WILL have a problem. So just don’t do it.

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