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No Smoke, No Tar
Do you smoke? Couldn’t quit if your life depended on it?

You’ve found us because you’re looking for a good way to quit. You want to lead a healthier life… without having to sacrifice your constant cravings for nicotine (at first, that is!).

You’re in the right place. No need to course through less effective methods such as

  • gums
  • patches
  • lozenges
  • prescription drugs

It’s all right here. Everything you could possibly need to kick the habit can be found here. Stop trying so hard. Do it the easy way!

Maybe you have someone close to you who is a smoker. What a wonderful gift it would be, for you and for them, if you helped them quit smoking.

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V2 electronic cigarettes will definitely help you achieve your goal and a whole lot more!

  • Because a V2 electronic cigarette can give you the same feeling as smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette, minus all the harmful and unpleasant chemicals such as carbon monoxide, tar, and cancerous agents
  • Because it is safe with no serious side effects as the nicotine vapor’s primary ingredients are simply nicotine, water, and propylene glycol
  • Because it is environment friendly as it does not produce harmful second hand smoke (although it can produce thicker vapor), it doesn’t have ash (so no need for ash trays – another benefit!), and it does not actually burn so fire risks are significantly reduced
  • Because you can use it in practically any establishment without leaving any bad odor and dirty cigarette butts behind and because it is cheaper than any normal tobacco cigarettes, rest assured that you will never go wrong with V2 electronic cigarettes especially with its guaranteed high rate of smoking cessation!

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The Taste of V2

V2 Cartridges come with 12 different flavored vapor liquids. You can pick flavor cartridges such as

  • V2 Red or the classic American tobacco blend
  • V2 Congress (Reformulated!) which is a bit like Parliament cigarettes (and one of the top three selling flavors!)
  • V2 Sahara with a rich middle-eastern tobacco blend
  • V2 Menthol which is a blend of peppermint and cool mint (also one of the top three!)
  • V2 Peppermint which tastes like peppermint and sugar together with a hint of spearmint
  • V2 Coffee Flavor which is a rich blend of coffee, milk and sugar
  • V2 Vanilla Flavor which is the most popular flavor
  • V2 Cherry Flavor (Reformulated!!) speaks for itself
  • V2 Chocolate Flavor which is one of my favorites
  • and three more upcoming flavors such as Classic Cola, Banana Blast and Island Coconut available soon for your inhaling pleasure!
    • And what’s more, they all come in different strength levels from zero nicotine to 18 mg. If you’re not sure which ones to try since they all sound so delicious, you might want to try the V2 9-Flavor Sampler which comes in different flavors. With our coupon, you’ll be able to try them all without shelling out too much cash.

      V2 Starter Kits – A Kit for Everyone

      There are many V2 Starter Kits available that will suit any lifestyle or preference. Take a look and find the one which will become your partner for the new healthy you. Be sure to take advantage of our V2 Cigs coupon code above for the best offer.

      V2 Economy Kit

      The V2 Economy Kit is the best way to start your pledge to a healthier you. Since it is the most affordable in the lot at $49.95, you may want to do an e-smoke test first and decide if you like it or not. This is also perfect for occasional smoking especially when traveling or when you are in a public place.

      The V2 Economy Kit includes:

      • 1 – V2 Battery
      • 10 – V2 Cartridges
      • USB Charger
      • A/C Wall Adaptor
      • user manual

      A perfectly simple and inexpensive way to start off your smoke free life!

      V2 Standard Kit

      V2 Standard Kit is one of the most affordable and popular among the V2 Starter Kits. At only $64.95, it includes:

      • 2 – V2 Batteries (1 Auto and 1 Manual)
      • 10 – V2 Cartridges
      • USB Charger
      • A/C Wall Adaptor
      • user manual

      Plus you can customize your own battery type! Check out all the different options.

      V2 Traveler Kit

      V2 Traveler Kit is the perfect kit for people who are always on the road. Why? This set includes:

      • 2 – V2 Batteries of your choice
      • 15 – V2 Cartridges
      • USB Charger
      • A/C Wall Adaptor
      • Car Charger
      • Charging case
      • V2 Notebook-Cig
      • user manual

      The battery type can even be customized! As you can see, whether you’re in the RV, the car, or the plane, you’ll be able to accommodate your e-cig.

      V2 Couples Kit

      Are you a couple who love to be together even when it comes to smoking cigarettes, or quitting for that matter? Well, V2 has the perfect package for you! The V2 Couples Kit is also perfect for those who need an extra kit or those want to share them with someone else. All the items in the kit are doubled and it is priced lower than double any full single kit at only $124.95. It comes with:

      • 4 – V2 Batteries of your choice (and you can also customize the battery type)
      • 20 – V2 cartridges
      • 2 – USB Chargers
      • 2 – A/C Wall Adaptors
      • 2 – User Manuals

      V2 Ultimate Kit

      The V2 Ultimate Kit is for someone who will be exclusively using the V2 electronic cigarettes and nothing else. This means, quitting tobacco cigarettes altogether and willfully committing to e-smoking as it totally replaces the classic cigarettes. This kit includes:

      • 3 – V2 Batteries of your choice which you can customize
      • 25 – V2 Cartridges
      • USB Charger
      • A/C Wall Adaptor
      • Car Charger
      • Carry Case
      • Charging Case
      • V2 Power-Cig
      • user manual

      Make the Switch!

      Each and every kit offers a great deal. They’re built to fit your needs. They’re very reasonable prices! The most competitive on the market.

      So why wait longer? Yes, it is one big step. But it will be an ENORMOUS stepping stone to a much better, healthier lifestyle.

      You won’t have to smell like an ashtray all of the time. You won’t be a hazard to you and those around you. You will no longer be a contributor to less healthy surroundings. You’ll stop spending more while continuously gaining less.

      You know you’re looking for a change because you’ve found this page. A lot of lives have been changed because of electronic cigarettes. A lot of lungs have been spared. Why not be one of them?

      Put out your last tobacco cigarette while you lighten up not just your lungs, but your life, with V2 Cigs!

      Visit V2!

      Not a Tobacco Cigarette Smoker?

      Great! E Cigs are for you too!

      Whether you’re a smoker or a non-smoker, you will find something to satisfy your needs/wants. Many non-smokers use them as an accessory or simply and oral fixation. Just order cartridges with 0mg nicotine 🙂

      What’s New at V2

      As you many well know by now, V2 Cigs is a very progressive company. The company is always moving forward; always working on providing customers with the next big thing in electronic cigarette technology.

      V2 is also very good at staying on top of the latest e cig news or industry break through.

      The industry is changing every day. How can we all keep up?!

      We can help you.

      Head on over to New @ V2 where we keep an up-to-date, organized list of V2 Cigs breakthroughs, industry need-to-knows, and, most importantly, the latest coupons and sales!

      Check back often. You never know what the team will come up with next.

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